BiOWiSH Presents at Qingdao International Water Congress

Recently, experts gathered in beautiful Qingdao, China, to talk about water issues.

This conference is called the Qingdao International Water Congress. It’s purpose? To foster a global conversation about water resources.

The Congress focuses heavily on sustainable new technology. They invited BiOWiSH to present, along with our partner, Beijing Guodian Futong Technologies (GDFT) Co. Ltd. GDFT is a subsidiary of the NARI Group, an active player in the global power industry.

Black Water Treatment and Ecosystem Restoration

BiOWiSH has been committed to improving water quality with our all-natural technology since our start in 2007. We were delighted to be able to share some of our research findings and expertise at the conference. BiOWiSH presented at the session on Black Water Treatment and Ecosystem Restoration.

So what is black water, and why does it need treatment?

Black water is usually the result of eutrophication, or excessive nutrients in a body of water. The nutrient buildup causes a lot of plant growth, and the plants use up most of the oxygen from the water. That kills the animals. Rotting plants make the water go dark, and usually give off a bad smell.

It’s bad for people, and even worse for the surrounding ecosystem.

What causes eutrophication?

Black water is usually the result of eutrophication, or excessive nutrients in a body of water.

There are four main sources of nutrient pollution:

  • Untreated industrial wastewater
  • Untreated household sewage
  • Sewage plants with high nutrient discharge
  • Agricultural runoff

Black water can pop up anywhere nutrient pollution is a problem. In the U.S., we see hypoxic water (that’s water with no oxygen) along the coasts.

Take, for example, the Indian River Lagoon in Florida. Algae blooms have used up the oxygen in the water. Fish can’t survive. It smells awful. And government officials in the area have approved $300 million USD to restore the ecosystem.

China has its share of black and odorous water, too. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has an aggressive plan to control water pollution and cut the number of black, odorous water bodies.

That’s where BiOWiSH comes in.

BiOWiSHTM Aqua consists of special microorganisms that break down organic matter quickly. You don’t need special infrastructure, you can apply it in solid or liquid form directly to the body of water you’re treating. Plus, it works across a range of conditions. That means it’s ideal for treating black water, wherever it happens to be.

The microbes reduce the amount of suspended solids, so water doesn’t look so black. Organic material (like rotting vegetation) breaks down quickly, so the smell goes away, too.

At the conference, we shared a few BiOWiSHTM Aqua success stories. In Ranisangar, India, we improved the water quality of a shallow surface lake. Sewage and other high nutrient pollution had been dumped in the lake for decades.

In just eight weeks, we reduced pH and increased the oxygen available in the water. If you want to see the study for yourself, download it here.

We achieved similar results for the Merlimau River in Malaysia. In only eight weeks, dissolved oxygen percentages increased from 6.8% (before the study) to 49%.

Summer Palace, Beijing – Five weeks after dosing BiOWiSHTM Aqua

We’ve had success in China, too. The Summer Palace in Beijing is a masterpiece of garden design. Three quarters of the beautiful site is covered by water, and Palace officials sought help from BiOWiSH to improve the water quality.

Read about BiOWiSH’s impressive results here

Our unique bio-remediation technology is what earned us a seat at the table. We are proud to offer our products as the all-natural, safe, nontoxic option to combat black water.

About the Conference

BiOWiSH Presents at Qingdao International Water Congress

2017 marks the 11th year of the conference. Scientists, industry experts, and government officials came together to present, listen, and learn. The presentations centered around wastewater treatment, recycling, desalination, and other contemporary water issues. We were honored to participate.

The Water Congress is part of China’s commitment to sustainable development. At BiOWiSH, we know that new technology can help preserve resources while encouraging economic growth – in China, and worldwide.

That’s why we offer all-natural, safe answers to big problems like nutrient pollution. We are excited to be a part of sustainable solutions to worldwide water issues.

Learn more about our unique water treatment technology

BiOWiSH Technologies Nominated for BlueTech Awards

Last month, BiOWiSH Technologies had the opportunity to exhibit at AquaTech China where we were part of a select group that was nominated for the China BlueTech Awards.

Nominees for the BlueTech Awards are innovative Chinese and international companies who are working to address water risks and challenges in China. While at the ceremony, we came together with some of the brightest water innovation companies to learn about up and coming technologies.

Over the course of the 3-day conference, more than 70,000 people attended AquaTech China to explore new water treatment business opportunities.

We took this chance to continue to educate the market about the benefits of biotechnology. Our booth highlighted BiOWiSHTM Aqua, BiOWiSHTM Aqua FOG, and BiOWiSHTM Odor as well as a featured case study we did with the Beijing Summer Palace.

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