BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0

BiOWiSHTM Crop delivered in a solid soluble form!

BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0 is the BiOWiSHTM Crop technology delivered in a solid soluble form. BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0 is solubilized in the field then applied to the soil or crops by liquid delivery systems. No activation required!

Example: Delivery systems include back pack sprayers, drip irrigation, micro-irrigation, fertigation systems, liquid delivery ground rigs, center pivots and more. BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0 is compatible with liquid fertilizers and many common agronomy chemicals.

BiOWiSHTM Crop Technology:

  • BiOWiSHTM is a proprietary composite biocatalyst that enhance a broad range of hydrolytic and oxidative biochemical reactions.
  • BiOWiSHTM contains a novel consortia of metabolically cooperative microorganisms that support both biocatalytic and metabolic activity.
  • BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0 products are non-genetically modified.
  • Made in USA


  • Improves yield
  • Improves grower income
  • Improves plant vigor
  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Improves root development
  • Stimulates soil microbial activity
  • Restores soil fertility
  • Reduces fertilizer leaching and runoff

Available sizes:

  • 100g/3.5oz
  • 1kg/2.2lbs
  • 5kg/11lbs
  • 10kg/22lbs