BiOWiSHTM products have been broadly tested in animals and on plants and humans and are safe and effective with no side effects.

Please visit our Distributors web page to locate a distributor in your area or email While the overall pricing from country to country is fairly consistent, some deviation to pricing is due to country specific taxes and in-country logistics.

For storage information, please follow the printed instructions on the BiOWiSHTM package. For all products , we recommend that you store the product in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

BiOWiSHTM and our distributors are dedicated to supporting our products at all levels of operation. We use large group training seminars, on-site visits, and web based tools to provide information and training on the use of our products to improve management practices to benefit overall production economics.

BiOWiSHTM products are available in a variety of convenient package sizes including 100g packages which are best for small operations and trials.

All BiOWiSHTM products are produced in the USA with the highest standard of reliability and quality, backed by US-based manufacturing and GMP certification.

FAQ: MultiBio 3PS

There is no need to use additional direct fed microbial products with BiOWiSHTM. When combined with the appropriate feed, and good management practices, BiOWiSHTM optimizes overall production.

BiOWiSH Technologies has determined that a dosing level of 200g of MultiBio 3PS per metric ton of feed produces optimum benefits in poultry, swine and aquaculture. Adding MultiBio 3PS at levels higher than 200g per metric ton of feed can be used, but may not provide as much overall economic benefit.

BiOWiSHTM MultiBio 3PS can be used as a direct fed microbial for fish, swine and poultry. Please consult the appropriate User Guide  or email for the correct dosing and application protocols.

BiOWiSHTM products offer unique advantages in three important ways.

  1. BiOWiSH Technologies work more effectively across a broader range of application conditions, (such as temperature, pH and salinity) and they can be applied using farming practices that are convenient to the farmer.
  2. BiOWiSH’s proprietary epigenetic processing technology, produces metabolically enhanced microbial products that provide a higher level of performance and production advantages at the best economic value to the producer.
  3. BiOWiSH products are produced with the highest standard of reliability and quality, backed by US-based manufacturing and GMP certification.

FAQ: Fruit & Vegetable Wash

BiOWiSHTM Fruit and Vegetable Wash can be used to wash most fruits and vegetables post harvesting.